Rai- geo e geo documetano dal Vesuvio
La nota trasmisione televisiva geo e geo in onda su rai tre oggi in trasferta sul cratere del Vesuvio. Nella foto il conduttore-divulgatore scientifico mostra l'interno del cratere in una fredda giornata di febbraio. ...
Sebastian Vettel on Mount Vesuvius
Four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel visiting Mount Vesuvius. The image dates back to 2010 when accompanied by expert guide Giulia Salernitano the German champion reached the top of the volcano. We hope that is a good omen so that the super champion could reach in the nea...
800 scosse all'anno
During an interview about the recent concerns of possible eruptions and earthquakes in Campania Region, the Director of Observatory Marcello Martini states: "The eruption of a volcano, is not predicted just by seismic activity, there is a set of precursors. On Vesuvius we record 800 earthquakes a...
Welcome, this is the official website of the Volcanological Guides, Campania Region, whose purpose is to provide informations for the excursion to Mount Vesuvius. Here you will find updated information on how to hike safely to the worldwide most famous crater.  We find that no one better than tho...
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