Excursion Report

A typical visit to the crater of Vesuvius


  •     Duration                     1,5-2 hours
  •     Level of difficulty       Easy.  Anyway, we consider it unfit for big group of children under 8.
  •     Difference in height     250 meters


Once you reach the car parking then you start ascending on a wide trail and generally in 20 minutes you should arrive on foot to the rim of the crater. (1180 meters above see level.)

Finally on the crater, you will be surprised by its size. Under the surveillance of the guides, as you peek into it you can notice the steam activity, the so called fumarole. So you walk on and in the middle of this trail along the crater you will observe the ruins of an old chairlift in order until 1982. At that place you can distinguish the famous island of Capri, Ischia and Procida, while down the slopes of the volcano is Herculeanum with its ruins .


In 79 a.d. there was the first volcanic eruption in known history recorded by man,cryo-watch better known as Pompeii eruption. Well, on Vesuvius you can retrace this universally known past event as you can see Capo Miseno, Heroleanum and in the end this trail overlooks the glorious Pompeii .


In recent years was opened  a new alternative trail that leads from a parking lot on the Boscotrecase side up to crater. For those who choose this path to come, this description is to be considered inverted.


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