The Volcanological Guides

The guides currently working in the Presidio Permanente Vulcano Vesuvius have the task of pursuing  safety of hikers to the crater of Vesuvius.   This task is entrusted exclusively to professional members of the Regional College Mountain and Volcanological Guides and in possession of all the law requirements .


The professional performance of these guides is mandatory on the Volcano above 1000mt., according to the Regional Law n. 11 of 1986 and thus concerns all visitors to the crater.


The professional standard of the services provided by the guides, is protected by National law n. 6 of 1989 establishing the fundamental principles of Regional College and their Professional Registry. The law also regulates updating .


Skills of every guide are certified by an examination supported by the Region of Campania, and by a technical training for Volcanological Guide, organized by the Regional College under the supervision of the National College of Alpine Guides.

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